A high performance, high output
magnetron sputtering system supporting
planar and 3D component processing 

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A flexible sputtering platform engineered
for high-volume deposition of biocompatible
films for medical implants.

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Turn Your Barriers Into Breakthroughs

At Denton, we welcome challenges. What defines us as a category-leader in thin film deposition technology is our demonstrated ability to consistently create breakthrough solutions to our customers’ toughest problems in production, development and research.

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Breakthroughs In Sight

Denton breaks new ground in precision optics with the shipment of two
Integrity series systems capable of coating astronomical optics over
two meters in size

Denton Vacuum 50 Years

50 Years of engineering breakthroughs

Denton Vacuum transforms barriers into thin-film technology breakthroughs for customers across the globe in providing vacuum deposition systems. With operations in the United States and China, Denton engineers, designs and develops systems that precision-coat aerospace components, advanced optics, medical implants, solar cells, semiconductor devices and much more. Denton's technology portfolio includes thermal evaporation, ion beam etching, ion-beam-assisted evaporation, plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor deposition (PECVD), and ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD) and e-beam evaporation and magnetron sputtering system (including reactive sputtering). Denton also provides value-added services and lifetime support that set new industry standards. Fifty years of tireless innovation have produced robust offerings ranging from high-volume production platforms to unique custom-engineered systems.

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